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        Many of us (myself included) have cursed God, blamed Him, and / or taken His name in vain in our hearts for something that didn’t go our way. For example, I once blamed God in my heart for not getting a good night’s sleep. Was it His fault? No, it was my own fault for drinking strong coffee too late in the evening. 

       Many times we do this unintentionally because we as Christians know that it is sin to blame God (see Job 1:22).  Yet, in our unconscious mind, we truly believe that it is God’s fault.  So, what is the solution?

       We need a revelation of God’s goodness.  We need to experience His goodness.  Psalm 1o3, in my opinion, is one of the best illustrations of God’s goodness.  However, unless we have a revelation, unless we truly experience His goodness firsthand, these may be just words on a page without real meaning.

         When we find ourselves cursing God, blaming Him, and / or taking His name in vain in our hearts we should first confess it to God as sin and receive His forgiveness.  Secondly, I believe that it is helpful to renew our minds by looking at examples of His goodness in the Bible.  Psalm 1o3 is a great place to start.  Finally, let us pray that God would give us a revelation of His goodness and that He would allow us to experience it directly.

        Prayer:  Dear Father in heaven, thank you for being a good God.  One who loves us, accepts us, has mercy on us, and forgives us.  Please forgive us for cursing You, blaming You, and / or taking Your name in vain in our hearts.  I pray that You would reveal to each of us your goodness today in whatever way You choose.  Whether it is through a kind, loving friend, Your Word, in prayer, or some other way.  May each one of us experience your goodness so that any beliefs that we have to the contrary may be burned away.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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