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Identities are being stolen everyday. Reputations are being ruined. Your money is being stolen by the bad guys. But why? Partly because of lack of training.

information security awareness or cybersecurity training

A study finds that 90% of people have had no recent cybersecurity training and 68% of people have NEVER had security training. It is no wonder that identity theft affects millions of people each year. Much of this could be avoided with the proper training.

It is my humble opinion that EVERYONE who uses a computer should complete numbers 1. and 2. below. Don’t forget to try the free anti-phishing game Anti-Phishing Phil as well.

Free Government-Grade Training
1. Phishing Awareness – select “Launch New Phishing Awareness” after click this link – http://iase.disa.mil/eta/phishing_v2/phishing_v2/launchPage.htm
2. Cyber Awareness Challenge – select “Launch New CyberAwareness Challenge Intelligence Version” after clicking this link – http://iase.disa.mil/eta/cyberchallenge/launchPage.htm

Free Anti-Phishing Games
a. Anti-Phishing Phil – http://www.ucl.ac.uk/cert/antiphishing/

b. Phishing Scam Game – http://www.onguardonline.gov/media/game-0011-phishing-scams


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