Prayers of Renouncing Self-Hatred

Father, I confess the sin of self-hatred. I confess that I have turned against myself because of broken, out-of-control areas of my life. I need Your forgiveness for believing that my brokeness is more powerful than Your love for me. Establish me in Your steadfast love. Burn off my shame with Your radiant presence.

Lord, I thank You that I am very special to You… that I am immeasurably precious to You… that You love me as though there were no one else to love… that it matters to You about me… that I am the apple of Your eye… that Your love for me is unconditional. Thank You that You understand my trouble as no one else does and will see me through this process of healing. I refuse to turn on myself any longer in obedience to Your love toward me. I receive Your grace here in this particular area of my life, where it is most needed, and I will continue to extend grace here until I really believe that nothing can separate me from Your love. I refuse to reject myself because of this particular area of inadequacy or struggle. May Your great love continue to free me from all expressions of self-hatred and rejection. Continue to release me unto a hearty and holy self-acceptance.

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